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Pet Expert Steve Dale is the author of the twice weekly syndicated newspaper column “My Pet World” (Tribune Media Services). He’s also the host of nationally syndicated radio programs Steve Dale’s Pet World, The Pet Minute with Steve Dale; and Steve Dale’s Pet World on WLS Radio, Chicago.He’s also a contributing editor at USA Weekend.

Touted as reaching more pet owners than any other pet journalists, as a pet expert and holding passionate views, Steve’s a frequent guest on local and national radio shows. His TV appearances include The Oprah Winfrey Show; National Geographic Explorer; Pets Part of the Family, PBS; several Animal Planet Shows; Fox News Channel and CNN Headline News. He was a regular on WGN-TV, Chicago for two years, and hosted multi award winning Pet Central on WGN Radio for 12 years.  He’s been quoted in publications ranging from the Los Angeles Times to USA Today to Redbook.

His books include “American Zoos” and “DogGone Chicago,” and he’s written forewards and has been a contributing author to others. He’s special correspondent for Cat Fancy and editor-in-chief of PawPrints (a newsletter for veterinarians). He’s written for most pet publications including Dog World, Dog Fancy and Cats. He was once a regular contributor to People magazine, and a columnist for the Chicago Tribune.

Steve's certified as a Behavior Consultant by the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants. He’s a popular guest speaker for events, and has presented at many major veterinary and humane conferences around the world, including the Western Veterinary Conference, Convention of the American Veterinary Medical Association, North American Veterinary Conference World Small Animal Veterinary Association Congress; West Indies Veterinary Conference and Conference of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers.

Steve serves on several Boards of Directors including the American Humane Association, Winn Feline Foundation, CATalyst Council and Tree House Humane Society. He’s co- chair of the Task Force on Companion Animals and Public Safety under the auspices City of Chicago/Alderman Gene Schulter.

Steve organized a Mardi Growl fundraiser for New Orleans shelter animals (following Hurricane Katrina), which prompted similar fundraisers around the country. When his cat Ricky died of a common but incurable heart problem, he created a fund through the Winn Feline Foundation to support research. As a result of the thousands he’s helped to raise, genetic mutations have been discovered, which breeders now test for. Steve teamed with the AVMA to raise thousands of dollars in a campaign, which the White House became aware, called “Pets for Afghan Kids.” Steve’s activism has helped make it possible for Chicago restaurants to allow dogs to dine outdoors. Steve also helps communities to fight breed specific bans, and advises on animal assisted therapy – he’s on the Board of Directors of Angel on a Leash. Steve’s helped to popularize kitten socialization classes, which were developed in Australia

He’s the recipient of many awards including the prestigious AVMA Humane Award (highest honor to a non-veterinarian), Syndicated General Feature Newspaper Writer of the Year, American Kennel Club Responsible Dog Ownership Award, Winn Feline Foundation Media Award, American Humane Association Media Award, Cat Writers’ Association Shojai Mentor Award, and Humane Society of the United States Pets for Life Award. His dog and cat writing colleagues have awarded Steve many times for Best Newspaper Column, Best Newspaper Feature, Best Radio Broadcast and Best Website.

Blog posts by Steve Dale

Mandatory Spay/Neuter (you should be very afraid)

I am NOT a fan of mandated spay/nueter. Listen, i've worked for hears as hard as anyone to support the notion of spay/neuter. I think is important, and responsible. But the mandates have FAR too many unintented consequences. And as a result doing more harm than good.  It's so interesting to me that a major advocate, the Humane Society of the United States backed off their support in California, where a vote for the statewide proposal was taken and FAILED!


So, you're wondering why I don't like the idea of MSN, what the many unitendended consequences are, and new info on health risks to some dogs of ealy spay/neuter which would be mandated by law....


Why Does This Dog Agress?

What do you think happened here in this video clip? I think, the leash tightening set off the dog.




Looking for a Service Dog in the Chicago area for a TV shoot

For a national TV shoot, seeking a service dog in the Chicago area who has changed the life of someone with an invisible disability...such as a seizure detecting dog, or dog that predicts a diabetic crash before it happens. The reason why reasearchers are now looking at the viability of canines sniffing cancer is because anecdotally it's been happening for years. And scientists needed to prove it's real. It is! Email me privately - [email protected].

By the way, i'm a huge advocate of service dogs, and I'm not a lone. Senator Al Franken's first function in office - noting that there's a shortage of these dogs, and funds to pay for them....has passed a bill to increase their numbers and lower the costs:

Print story with Sen. Franken:

Kelly and ian Dunbar in the studio, with our dog Ethel chiming in

Ian and Kelly Dunbar on my WLS-AM On Demand show - many dog trainers set up an adversarial relationships

a wide ranging discussion, as I sat down with Kelly and Dr. Ian for about an hour....

Are trainers pre-conditioned to set clients up to be adverserial? Is it what you say or how you say it to the dog? Why you should say 'thank you' to your dog.

What about punishment? How do you know if your dog really understands what you want? Are we thinking too much? ('Give them a scalpal, and they'll dissect a kiss')

Lauran Tendler and Switch

Tissue Required for this inspirational (cat) story

They have both survived - and thanks to a microchip, and a miracle, reunited.

The print story:

The audio (from WLS-AM On Demand):

Michael Vick on 60 Minutes

Vick on 60 Minutes - What do you think? (and youtube links if you haven't seen it)

What do think about what Vick said? It sounded promising, but these days I can't help but be skeptical of anything forwarded by the HSUS, and obviously I'm skeptical about Vick. We'll see.

Vick on '60 Mintes' on You Tube


TNR of stray/ferals on the radio today

Steve Dale's Pet World on the Radio on Saturday - Aug. 15

So, what do you do when you find a stray or feral kitten? Or an entire colony of feral cats? Dave DeFuniak, executive director of Tree House Humane Society and Meg Martino of the Chicago Stray Cat Coalition discusses TNR on Steve Dale's Pet World, Saturday at 2 p.m. cst on or WLS 890 AM on the radio. Some say TNR only perpetuates problems, I strongly disagree - I believe TNR does work, and in the long run is best for stray and feral cats as well as songbirds. This broadcast radio...I also host On Demand radio at WLS...


You can bookmark my On Demand radio shows here


Michael Vick - chance to become a real hero

Can Michael Vick actually tun out to be a hero? I think so. Here's an op-ed piece I wrote for my syndicated newspaer column...Listen, I don't know how it will turn out, but I do believe Vick has the chance of a lifetime:

what do you think?


My First Post (well my first in three years)...but my new BLOG HOME

I am thrilled that Dr. Ian and Kelly Dunbar - I call them the first family of dog training....asked me to post here.

After many years of blogging at my old radio home, I think this is the perfect place to land on all fours.

Personally, after hosting "Pet Central" on the air for 12 years, I moved over to WLS Radio - number one in town, 50,000 watt giant radio station...I love that. My boss is a dog lover too! In fact, we had a meeting to discuss me moving to WLS, and we met at the dog park. My show on-air airs Saturdays at 2 pm. You can hear it anywhere in the world: as it is streamed live.

I sought to a new place for my BLOG - so here it will be!!

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