Adolescent Aggression

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Fixing Aggression Takes Time - Training Dogs with Dunbar

Anti-social dogs need time and energy.  The best way to help them is with persistent and positive socialization sessions, and a rock-solid sit-stay.



"He fights all the time! He's trying to kill other dogs!"

The fury and noise of a dogfight can be quite scary for onlookers, especially the dogs' owners. In fact, nothing upsets owners more than a dogfight. Consequently, owners must strive to be objective when assessing the seriousness of a dogfight. Otherwise, a single dogfight can put an end to their dogs' socialization. In most cases, a dogfight is highly stereotyped, controlled, and relatively safe. With appropriate feedback from the owner, the prognosis for resolution is good. On the other hand, irrational or emotional feedback, besides being upsetting for the owner, can exacerbate the problem for the dog.

Training:  Adolescent Aggression
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