Adult Dog Training

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Off with Charlotte - SIRIUS Puppy Training Classic

As you can maybe tell, this video is a couple decades old.  We have since learned that this exercise is just as effective without bopping the dog on the nose, or even shouting.  If you say "Off" and your pup continues to mouth or paw at your hand just ignore them until they pull away.  As soon as they pull away you can reward them with the treat.  Gradually increase the duration of the Off, and they will quickly learn without the need to aversive corrections.


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Graduates Show Off - SIRIUS Puppy Training Classic

These adult SIRIUS graduates have all of the socialization and training skills to enjoy a happy life playing with their owners and other dogs.

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Introduction – SIRIUS Adult Dog Training

Introductory montage for Dr. Ian Dunbar’s new Adult Dog Training video, which demonstrates a variety of exercises that are specifically targeted for adolescent and adult dogs

Training:  Adult Dog Training

New Adult Dog

Adopting an adult dog can be a marvelous alternative to raising and training a puppy. Alternatively, a new adult dog can be a full-time project. Adult dogs can be perfect or problematic—carrying the behavioral baggage of their previous owners. Take your time to search for the right dog for you and only choose one that you know your family knows how to train.

Behavior Blueprints are available as pdf files that you can download and customize with your company’s information for use as a promotional tool. To download, simply click on the file name in the Attachment section below.


Ch 5: Adult Dog Training (2 years+)

As dogs mature, they develop many doggy interests that may compete with dog training. For example, dogs may find that sniffing the grass, playing with other dogs and chasing squirrels are all much more exciting than listening to their owners and following repetitive instructions — come, sit, down, heel, sit, heel, sit, etc. Puppy training techniques begin to fail, environmental stimulation causes sensory overload and many dogs become hyperactive or reactive to other dogs and people. Owners become frustrated by the dog’s hyperactivity and inattentiveness and the relationship starts to go downhill.

Training:  Adult Dog Training
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