Mandatory Spay/Neuter (you should be very afraid)

I am NOT a fan of mandated spay/nueter. Listen, i've worked for hears as hard as anyone to support the notion of spay/neuter. I think is important, and responsible. But the mandates have FAR too many unintented consequences. And as a result doing more harm than good.  It's so interesting to me that a major advocate, the Humane Society of the United States backed off their support in California, where a vote for the statewide proposal was taken and FAILED!


So, you're wondering why I don't like the idea of MSN, what the many unitendended consequences are, and new info on health risks to some dogs of ealy spay/neuter which would be mandated by law....

here it is from a TV piece which aired in Chicago, with my friend Dr. Sheldon Rubin and also Dr. Humphrey Roberts, host is Paul Lisnek.

I like spay/neuter, and think is irresponsible for most not to spay/neuter....but let's incentivice instead of mandate! ! ! The mandates (and I am not speaking of a mandate for all shelter adoptions to be spay/neutered, which I am generally for) are not in the best interest of all pets.

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