When To Get A Puppy

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Ian’s Intro - SIRIUS Puppy Training Classic

Dr. Ian Dunbar explains the importance of starting your dog’s training in early puppyhood using fun, lure-reward methods.  Investing the time early on will give you control over your dog as it gets older, stronger and more distracted, and it’s the easiest way to ensure that you and your dog live long and happy lives together.


When to Get a Puppy

Aside from the obvious answer — not before you are ready — the time to get a dog is when you have completed your doggy education. And when the pup is ready.

An important consideration is the age of the pup. Most puppies change homes at some time in their life, usually from the home where they were born to the homes of their new human companions. The optimal time for a puppy to change homes depends on many variables, including his emotional needs, his all-important socialization schedule, and the level of doggy expertise in each household.

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