My First Post (well my first in three years)...but my new BLOG HOME

I am thrilled that Dr. Ian and Kelly Dunbar - I call them the first family of dog training....asked me to post here.

After many years of blogging at my old radio home, I think this is the perfect place to land on all fours.

Personally, after hosting "Pet Central" on the air for 12 years, I moved over to WLS Radio - number one in town, 50,000 watt giant radio station...I love that. My boss is a dog lover too! In fact, we had a meeting to discuss me moving to WLS, and we met at the dog park. My show on-air airs Saturdays at 2 pm. You can hear it anywhere in the world: as it is streamed live.

I sought to a new place for my BLOG - so here it will be!!

Aside from talking about all sorts of canine related and legislative topics, training questions, and health care related issues for dogs....My blog will sometimes become Cat Star Daily (after all cats are America's number one companion), or even lizard, parrot, or snake star. I will even post videos here, as well as links to radio interviews.

Like a radio talk show - my hope is that you'll participate. Talk back to me - let me know what you think.

Naturally, I don't always agree with Ian and Kelly - but I sure do share a concern that dog training may be moving in the wrong direction. Together, we can change that...My hope is to use my venues to send listeners, readers and viewers to this site (not solely to my Blog). I am honored to be among the incredible names who also participate at Dog Star Daily.

So, are some trainers moving the wrong way, swaying the public to do the wrong thing? That's a part of what I spoke about with the Dunbars on a WLS on Demand Radio show (I do one hour weekly live on the air and a second hour available on line On Demand anytime). You can listen here: