Ian and Kelly Dunbar on my WLS-AM On Demand show - many dog trainers set up an adversarial relationships

Kelly and ian Dunbar in the studio, with our dog Ethel chiming in

a wide ranging discussion, as I sat down with Kelly and Dr. Ian for about an hour....

Are trainers pre-conditioned to set clients up to be adverserial? Is it what you say or how you say it to the dog? Why you should say 'thank you' to your dog.

What about punishment? How do you know if your dog really understands what you want? Are we thinking too much? ('Give them a scalpal, and they'll dissect a kiss')


Listen - and in my opinion you should get certified CE. This conversation was like a class, I think so anyway. I make no apologies for my enormous respect for Ian. He changed the world; we can't forget that.