Looking for a Service Dog in the Chicago area for a TV shoot

For a national TV shoot, seeking a service dog in the Chicago area who has changed the life of someone with an invisible disability...such as a seizure detecting dog, or dog that predicts a diabetic crash before it happens. The reason why reasearchers are now looking at the viability of canines sniffing cancer is because anecdotally it's been happening for years. And scientists needed to prove it's real. It is! Email me privately - [email protected].

By the way, i'm a huge advocate of service dogs, and I'm not a lone. Senator Al Franken's first function in office - noting that there's a shortage of these dogs, and funds to pay for them....has passed a bill to increase their numbers and lower the costs:

Print story with Sen. Franken: http://www.stevedalepetworld.com/print-archive/tribune-media-services/weekly-features/416-franken-barks-up-senate-tree-to-help-dogs

Radio interview at WLS with Sen. Franken and Ed and Toni Eames of Partners for Independence and  http://wlsam.com/Article.asp?id=1434375&spid=33547

It's fascinating how the first seizure detecting dogs were discovered....they trained their people....They would nudge people, who noticed over time, after the persistent nudging they would have a seizure - that, in fact, their dogs were attempting to warn them.