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Thank you to everyone who submitted a video for our contest! We were so pleased to get so many wonderful entries and they were so much fun to watch. Judging them though, was agonizing because it was so apparent how much love everyone has for their dogs and all of the videos deserve recognition. That said, we had to do it, so after much reviewing and deliberation, we finally selected our winners.

Here are your 2016 Dog Star Daily Summer Fun Video Contest Winners

WINNERS: $1000 First Place: Summer Dreaming (Mariela Sanchez)$500 Second Place: Summer Fun in Mexico (Jena Marie Olio)$250 Third Place: Summertime Fun with Jesse (Heather)

RUNNERS-UP: $100 Summer Romance (Rosalind Walkington)$100 Summer Fun at the Beach (Eden McCall)$100 When Border Collies Get Bored (Alyssa Buller)

HONORABLE MENTION: Summer Concert (Ally Thomas-Southern Tails)Aussie BBQ Bedlam (Kate Lloyd)Sebastian & Colt (Colt Sebastian Taylor)

Thanks again for participating!

Contest Gallery

Congratulations to our contest Winners!

Embedded thumbnail for Summer Dreaming
First Place
Mariela Sanchez
Embedded thumbnail for SUMMER FUN IN MEXICO
Second Place
Jena Marie Olio
Embedded thumbnail for Summertime Fun with Jesse
Third Place
Embedded thumbnail for When the Border Collies Get Bored...
Alyssa Buller
Embedded thumbnail for Summer Romance
Rosalind Walkington
Embedded thumbnail for Summer Fun at the Beach
Eden McCall
Embedded thumbnail for Summer Concert
Honorable Mention
Ally Thomas-Southern Tails
Embedded thumbnail for Aussie BBQ Bedlam
Honorable Mention
Kate Lloyd
Embedded thumbnail for Summer Fun with Colt & Gizmo
Honorable Mention
Colt Sebastian Taylor


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