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18 Dr. Beach and the Beagles

To learn more about Dr. Dunbar's seminars visit James & Kenneth Publishers

Dr. Ian Dunbar was an integral part of the longest study ever undertaken to research dog behavior.  Originally started by Dr. Frank Beach at Yale to study adult dog sexual behavior, the study went on to last over 30 years, moving to Berkeley in the last decade and expanding its scope to observe social hierarchies and development.  It was here, in the California sunshine of UC Berkeley that Ian would join the study, where his extensive observations of canine development and behavior would come to inform a series of

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Training for ear treatments

This video demonstrates two ways of teaching dogs to be comfortable with allowing ear medication with three different puppies/dogs. You can do similar training for other handling training too.

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Teaching Stay - Training with young people

This video shows how we were teaching our dogs and puppies to stay during puppy class. You see some excellent training by some young handlers. The puppies were learning to be comfortable being on different surfaces hence the tables. If you are teaching stay then I would suggest you start on a more stable floor.

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Talking Dogs

This video will make for great discussion. I haven't put voice over on it yet, so what do you think?

To set the scene: 

Kelpie (brown dog on lead) is my entire 3 year old (in a few days) Kelpie.

Other collies are also entire and belong to the pub/hotel I was visiting. Don't know very much about them.

To help the non-trainers in this video we are looking at body language and what these dogs are doing.



Embedded thumbnail for 'Leave it', 'Find it' and 'Give' or 'Drop'.

'Leave it', 'Find it' and 'Give' or 'Drop'.

As a follow on from my last blog, here are three essential commands to train every dog, especially as a preventer of possessive aggression. Hungarian Visla Bruno is learning all three commands using the clicker & a variety of objects.  Remember that as a young puppy, it's owners who impart value onto stolen items.  The dog has no idea what is worth stealing or not.  It's only from the confrontation which results from the theft & the owners tone of voice, that dogs learn over time what's worth taking to get attention.  As well as puppy proofing your home, I make sure that if my

Embedded thumbnail for Back chaining a Trick and Latent Learning

Back chaining a Trick and Latent Learning

Have some clicker fun with your dog tonight!

Embedded thumbnail for Building confidence the clickery way.

Building confidence the clickery way.

Bella was unsure of walking down stairs so we do a few minutes of real time teaching trying to give her choices and predicability to increase her confidence. 

Embedded thumbnail for Cody and the Chicken

Cody and the Chicken

My clicking is not the best in this video but its fun to watch. 

Embedded thumbnail for Barking Mad

Barking Mad

Barking is a huge problem for many owners and often I see so many people use various aversives to stop it. This video looks as possible explantions and suggests a few tips to try. 

Embedded thumbnail for Talking Dogs

Talking Dogs

A short video clip from one of my workshops.