Ultra Super Sit

Sit During Play 4 Distance – SIRIUS Adult Dog Training

By slowly increasing the level of distraction and distance from your dog, you can create a super-effective verbal sit command that works anywhere, anytime.

Sit During Play 1 Collar Grab – SIRIUS Adult Dog Training

This first step is very easy, but vitally important.  If you don’t actively train your dog to enjoy having their collar grabbed, they’re going to make problems for you later on.

Distance Sit 1 - Intro - Training Dogs with Dunbar

A reliable sit-command that works anywhere and anytime, at a distance and with distractions, is the most valuable tool in training.  But training is very context dependent, so it takes a lot of practice.

Introducing Distance - Training the Companion Dog 4 – Recalls & Stays

Introduce distance commands slowly, and don’t push your dog too hard too fast.  Maintain a level of training which is challenging, but allows your dog to succeed the majority of the time.

Improving Distance - Training the Companion Dog 4 – Recalls & Stays

Teaching distance commands can take a lot of focus.  You need to concentrate on the dog, and you may need a lot of energy to keep their attention from farther away.

Distance Work - Training the Companion Dog 4 – Recalls & Stays

If you challenge your dog too much, they may go floppy on you.  This position of helplessness means you need to be gentle with them.  Getting angry will only further encourage their submissive posture.

Distance Position Changes – SIRIUS Adult Dog Training

Build distance commands literally step by step.  If they creep towards you, try practicing with them at the top of some stairs or behind a gate.

Sibling Sit-Off - Dog Training for Children

A quick sit is the best way to control your dog.  There’s nothing like a little competition between siblings to encourage practice and improvement.

Distance & Distractions - Training Dogs with Dunbar

Exciting distractions such as other dogs will undermine your dog’s obedience training, so it’s important to incorporate them into training.

Distance Sit 3 – Surprise - Training Dogs with Dunbar

Practice your distance sits while your dog is roaming, sniffing, and not paying particular attention to you.  If you’re in an unconfined place, you can practice with a very long leash.


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