Training on Walks

Good Dogs Have More Fun - Training the Companion Dog 3 – Walking & Heeling

Good dogs are fun to be around.  A dog that’s well-behaved and always under control will get to go out into the world and meet lots of people.  They’ll be happier and you’ll be happier.

Walk About Town - Training the Companion Dog 3 – Walking & Heeling

In crowded urban areas, there are lots of distractions for your dog.  Give them time to get used to new and unfamiliar surroundings.  Classically condition them to enjoy different environments.

Walk Around the Block - Training the Companion Dog 3 – Walking & Heeling

Your dog is likely to get over-excited while meeting people on the street.  So repeat it over and over again until they’re calm enough that you can have them sit to say hello.

Sensory Overload – SIRIUS Adult Dog Training

Walking through a new environment can be very stressful for a dog, especially if there are other dogs or strangers around.  Take time to settle down in unfamiliar places and reward your dog for acting calmly.

Walk in the Park

Take your dog to new and interesting places and hand feed them with their dinner or special treats.  Your dog will become much calmer and more confident.

Take Time on Walks

Walks can be very exciting for dogs.  It’s important to give them time to adjust to new surroundings, with praise and treats as reinforcement.

Pee Before Walk

Most dogs love walks, so they make fantastic rewards for training.  If you only walk your dog after they eliminate, they will learn to go immediately

Boundary Training

Having a dog that knows and respects the boundaries of your home can make your life easier and your dogs life safer. Dr. Ian Dunbar demonstrates how to teach your dog to sit at boundaries, whether you ask them to or not

Training:  Training on Walks

Sit For Walk

Going for a walk is one of the biggest rewards you can give your dog. Make sure you take advantage of this by having your dog sit many times before and during each walk.

Training:  Training on Walks


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