Handling & Gentling

Doggy’s Dinnertime - SIRIUS Puppy Training Classic

Dogs love food and so it’s a great idea to have them do a little obedience training to earn their dinner.  It’s also a great time for handling exercises.

Easy Handling - Training the Companion Dog 1 – Socialization & Training

A dog that enjoys being handled and examined by strangers will make your next trip to the vet a breeze.  Don’t wait until your dog is injured or sick before you teach them to enjoy handling.

Vet Visit Handling - Training the Companion Dog 1 – Socialization & Training

Pass the Puppy teaches your pup to enjoy being handled by strangers.  If you are the only person who handles your dog, they may not be comfortable being touched by anyone else, including your vet.

Ready for the Vet - SIRIUS Puppy Training Classic

Many dogs are unhappy being handled by strangers, let alone in a veterinarian’s office when they’re hurt or frightened.  Make sure your dog is happy being everywhere, and by different prople.

Training:  Handling & Gentling

Children & Biting - SIRIUS Puppy Training Classic

Dogs are most likely to bite when they’re anxious, and they’re likely to anxious around children who tend to act a little wild.  Prevent problems by actively conditioning your dogs to enjoy the presence of children, and teaching your children how to act around dogs.

Grooming - SIRIUS Puppy Training Classic

If you take the time to teach your puppy to enjoy being handled, you will end up with a dog that is easy to groom because they enjoy it.

Handling & Examining - SIRIUS Puppy Training Classic

Gwen Bohnenkamp explains how to train your puppy to enjoy being held and handled, otherwise you’ll end up with a difficult and anxious adult dog.  Increase handling a little bit at a time and praise them when they’re being calm

Training:  Handling & Gentling

Holding & Handling - SIRIUS Puppy Training Redux

It’s important that your puppy enjoys being restrained and examined.  It’s easy to train them to enjoy it with daily cuddle sessions filled with lots of handling and treats.

Give Dogs Time – SIRIUS Adult Dog Training

If you want your dog to be calm and confident, you have to first give them time to get used to new people and places, then you have to  praise and reward them for their good behavior.

Pass the Puppy - SIRIUS Puppy Training Classic

It’s important that your puppy is handled by strangers as well.  The best part of puppy class is sitting in a circle passing them around and getting the chance to handle and praise each pup.


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