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The best way to teach a dog to be quiet on command is to teach them to speak on command.   That’s the only way you can practice telling them to be quiet.


Training Shush 1 - Training the Companion Dog 2 – Behavior Problems

Putting a behavior on command requires repetition.  The only way to practice shushing is to practice barking.  Use an accomplice and an appropriate stimuli to train the dog to bark on command.


Training Shush 2 - Training the Companion Dog 2 – Behavior Problems

It’s easy to lure a dog to stop barking: simply present a treat for them to sniff.  They can’t bark and sniff at the same time.  You needn’t always reward them with the treat, but you should praise them as soon as they stop barking.


Barking Challenge - Training the Companion Dog 2 – Behavior Problems

An older dog is no excuse.  If you don’t want your dog to bark at the door, teach them to “Shush” on command.  Challenge extended!


Effective Corrections - Training the Companion Dog 3 – Walking & Heeling

If your reprimand isn’t changing their behavior, then repeating it will only desensitize them.  An abrupt and startling reprimand is the most effective.  If you do take hold of the dog, be sure to hold them until you can praise them for being good.


Training:  Woof/Shush


So many owners, or to be more precise, their neighbors, find excessive barking to be an intolerable problem when dogs are left at home alone. But also, many owners find excessive and uncontrollable barking to be a problem even when they are at home with their dogs. The solution is simple. Teach the dog to shush on cue. This may sound OK in theory but many owners experience huge problems trying to put theory into practice, largely because they try to teach the dog to shush when he is amped up and barking so loud that he cannot even hear the owner’s instructions. We have a better way.

First, let’s put the “problem” on cue and teach the dog to speak on command. Some may think this strange: “My dog barks so much, so why on earth would I teach him to bark more?” Well, if you have taught your dog to speak on command, you may now teach your dog to shush at times when your dog is not over-the-top with excitement and at times that are convenient to you.

Training:  Woof/Shush
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