Guarding Valued Objects

Doggy’s Dinnertime - SIRIUS Puppy Training Classic

Dogs love food and so it’s a great idea to have them do a little obedience training to earn their dinner.  It’s also a great time for handling exercises.

Children Near the Food Bowl - Training the Companion Dog 2 – Behavior Problems

Dogs are naturally possessive around their food, but with a little training it’s easy to show them that they should welcome children around their food bowl.

Food Bowl Handling - SIRIUS Puppy Training Classic

Dogs may naturally becoming defensive around their food, so Gwen Bohnenkamp demonstrates how to condition your dog to enjoy your presence and handling during dinner time.

Children Around the Food Bowl - SIRIUS Puppy Training Classic

Suzie Bluford demonstrates how to condition your dog to enjoy having children around them while they’re eating their dinner.  Hand-feed your pup some extra tasty treats while they’re eating their normal dinner.

Tug of War

Active physical games are wonderful for training.  Enforce some ground rules and take frequent breaks, using the continuation of the game as a reward for obedience training.

Find Tug Toy

Games make training fun for you and your dog.  Use games as rewards and be sure to use strict rules when playing physical games like Tug-of-War


Guarding Valued Objects

Object-guarding starts during puppyhood . Owners may fail to notice their adolescent dog becoming increasingly possessive and protective. Some may actually encourage their puppy's protective displays, thinking they are cute.

It is natural for dogs to protect their possessions. In the wild, a wolf would hardly pop next door to borrow a cup of bones. Domestic dogs quickly learn that once something is gone, it is gone. So it is not surprising to find dogs trying to keep their possessions away from people.

Bitches are more likely to guard objects than male dogs. In a domestic pack, it is fairly common to see a very low-ranking bitch successfully defend her bone from a relatively high-ranking male dog. In fact, the Bitch's First Amendment to Male Hierarchical Law is "I have it, and you don't!"

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