Pulling on Leash

Fair & Gentle Loose Leash - Training the Companion Dog 3 – Walking & Heeling

It’s always unfair to punish a dog more than you praise it.  Maintain a positive training atmosphere by praising them when they’re acting well, which is most of the time.

Loose Leash Explained - Training the Companion Dog 3 – Walking & Heeling

Training a dog to walk politely on leash is very easy, but not if you’re trying to go somewhere.

Intro - Training the Companion Dog 3 – Walking & Heeling

Walking a dog on leash is no simple exercise.  If you want to enjoy walking with your dog, it’s worth taking some time to teach them how you want them to walk with you.

Training:  Pulling on Leash

More Off Leash Heeling – SIRIUS Adult Dog Training

If you lose your dog lags behind, the best way to get them to follow is to make noise and hurry away from them.  Use food lures to keep their attention, but only reward them with a treat when they do an excellent job.

Loose Leash 3 - Training the Companion Dog 3 – Walking & Heeling

As your dog learns to maintain a loose leash you can start stringing more and more steps together.  Keep praising the appropriate behavior, and correcting the bad behavior and soon you’ll be walking your dog happily on leash

Loose Leash 2 - Training the Companion Dog 3 – Walking & Heeling

After taking a single step, the dog is likely to get excited and may start pulling on the leash again.  Keep praising the loose leash and gently jerking the tightened leash until they leave it loose for several seconds.

Loose Leash 1 - Training the Companion Dog 3 – Walking & Heeling

“Steady” means we want a loose leash.  If they tug on the leash, say “Steady” and tug back.  If the leash is loose, praise the dog.  If the leash remains loose for several seconds take a single step and repeat.

Heeling with Laura - SIRIUS Puppy Training Classic

Laura Enos demonstrates how to keep the leash loose, and give your dog a warning when they begin to stray.  If they’re not paying attention, give them a warning, and if they don’t respond, try yanking the leash or abruptly changing directions.

Walking & Heeling

It’s good to make a distinction between walking and heeling.  A heeling dog should be actively paying attention to you, while a walking dog can sniff and roam a little.


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