Position Changes and Stays

Sit During Play 1 Collar Grab – SIRIUS Adult Dog Training

This first step is very easy, but vitally important.  If you don’t actively train your dog to enjoy having their collar grabbed, they’re going to make problems for you later on.

Phase Out Food Lures – SIRIUS Adult Dog Training

As soon as your dog learns a new command, you should work on phasing out the need for a food lure.  You can continue to use it as a reward, but over time, you should slowly reduce the frequency.

Verbal Stand – SIRIUS Adult Dog Training

This beagle knows that the word “Stand” means something, but it’s not sure what.  To lure a stand, you may have to lower your hand a little to prevent them from sitting.

Measuring Comprehension – SIRIUS Adult Dog Training

Count how many verbal commands of hand signals it takes for your dog to  Sit Down Sit Stand Down Stand.  This way you can measure your progress, and see how their obedience is effected in different training environments.

Adult Rottweiler - Training the Companion Dog 1 – Socialization & Training

Jasper, the full grown Rottweiler needs to work a little on his manners.  It would take a little work, but Jasper could make a wonderful companion dog.

Better Rewards for Better Behaviors – SIRIUS Adult Dog Training

For prompt position changes to verbal commands, you should give your dog extra reinforcement.   Phase out the use of food rewards, so that you only give food treats for their best performances.

Stand Stays - Training the Companion Dog 4 – Recalls & Stays

When you lure a stand you should lower your hand a little bit to prevent your dog from sitting.

At Least 3 Positions – SIRIUS Adult Dog Training

Sit Stand & Down: a minimum of three positions are required for effective dog training. 

Start Stays Easy - Training the Companion Dog 4 – Recalls & Stays

Challenge your dog to beat their longest stay.  Start with easy, short duration stays and build up slowly, practicing on whatever is most difficult for your dog.

Perfecting Recall Sits - Training the Companion Dog 4 – Recalls & Stays

Fine tuning your recalls and sits takes practice.  With a big dog you’ll want to extend your hand out to the dog to stop them before they come barreling into you.  Use big exaggerated hand signals to show your dog what you want.


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