Puppy Classes

Settling with Strangers - SIRIUS Puppy Training Redux

Have other people practice handling your puppy, so they’re comfortable being examined by strangers, such as a veterinarian.

Strangers Grab Collars - SIRIUS Puppy Training Redux

Your puppy should practice all of their training exercises with other people as well.  Positive training experiences with strangers are an important part of socialization.

Wild Thing - SIRIUS Puppy Training Redux

If your puppy doesn’t learn to enjoy having their collar grabbed, you’ll end up with a dog that runs circles around you, which makes for a lot of potentially embarrassing or dangerous situations.

Recall, Sit, Collar, Reward - SIRIUS Puppy Training Classic

This exercise is all about building off-leash control of your dog.  It rewards your dog for coming when called, sitting and having their collar taken, which makes them very easy to catch. The alternative is a dog that runs away when you go to take it’s collar.

Excessively Excited - Training the Companion Dog 1 – Socialization & Training

If your puppy has too much energy, it’s a smart idea to train in some control before they grow into an adult dog with too much energy.

Training:  Puppy Classes Dog Play

Follow & Sit, then Collar - SIRIUS Puppy Training Redux

To start building distance control, you want to try luring your puppy into following you without touching them first.  After you lure them, it’s still important to positively reinforce the collar grab.

Play to Socialize - Training the Companion Dog 1 – Socialization & Training

Puppies learn very valuable social skills during their play sessions, with the most important being bite-inhibition.

Grab Collar & Give Treat - SIRIUS Puppy Training Redux

Training your puppy to enjoy having their collar grabbed is very easy.  Simply go up to them, grab their collar and give them a treat.  And hold onto that collar when you’re not paying attention, otherwise they’re going to run off.

Recall Etiquette - Training the Companion Dog 1 – Socialization & Training

When you practice recalls, be sure to reward them when you grab their collar, and have them sit before you release them.

Recall From Play - SIRIUS Puppy Training Classic

When you interrupt a puppy play session with a successful recall, you are challenging the pup with doggy distractions, and then giving hem a huge reward by telling them to go play again.


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