Food Critics

Housetraining Explained - Training the Companion Dog 2 – Behavior Problems

Your dog NEEDS to pee and poop, there’s simply no way to avoid it!  The solution of course is teaching your dog when and where to go.  The only way to prevent mistakes and put potty on cue is regular confinement sessions.

Luring with Food - Training the Companion Dog 1 – Socialization & Training

The easiest way to get a dog to do something is to show them, the easiest way to show them is with a lure and the easiest lure to use is a food treat.

Getting the Right Response - Training Dogs with Dunbar

By using a lure to illicit the correct response, you are already training them to respond to the movement of your hand.  That makes it easy to train them to respond to a hand signal that can then be used at a distance.

Fewer Treats, Better Recalls - SIRIUS Puppy Training Classic

Once your dog has learned a command, you want to start phasing out the use of food as a reward.  Praise & pet them when they do something right, but only give them a treat when they perform exceptionally well.

Food Lures - SIRIUS Puppy Training Classic

The easiest lure you can use is a food treat.  Dogs are naturally attracted to tasty snacks, and if your dog does something you like, it makes a very handy and effective reward.  Just make sure you slowly phase it out before it becomes a crutch.

Food Critics

Training:  Food Critics

Food Critics

Nearly every trained animal you see in films and on television has been taught using food lures and rewards. Killer whales are trained using fish. Grizzly bears are trained using marshmallows and soda pop. Obviously, trainers dealing with such large, potentially dangerous animals do not want killer whales and grizzly bears forming negative associations with training, or with the trainer! Let's not discriminate against the canine species. Isn't it long overdue for our best friends to have equal opportunity with the rest of the trained-animal kingdom?

Any criticism of using food as a training tool may actually be applied to the use of any training tool, including leash-corrections and praise.

Training:  Food Critics
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