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Talking Dogs

A short video clip from one of my workshops.

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Give and Take

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Aggression and Emotions

Often one of the most common reasons why animals show aggression is due to fear, however there can be other reasons too such as frustration. Dogs do not show aggression because they are trying to be naughty or stubborn, they often have very good reasons. If your dog is showing aggression ask yourself why s/he maybe doing this in terms of emotions such as anxiety, fear, frustration, panic, play... Don't think in terms of labels such as naughty or dominant.

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17 German Shepherd Puppies Visit SIRIUS El Cerrito

We only learned of these puppies a week ago but we thought they could use some extra training and socialization, so in the spirit of the SIRIUS Puppy Raising Initiative we offered to help out.  We visited them at their home to help out with their housetraining set-up and then we scheduled a session at the SIRIUS facility in El Cerrito where they could meet some new dogs and get some one-on-one training.

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Rufo's Legacy For Shelter Dogs

Today I saw a lovely video that brought tears of joy to my eyes. It was about the story of Rufo, a shelter dog that spent six years waiting for a new home. The video is sweet and full of hope, however, even though Rufo has a happy ending, his story is both quite sad and unusual.

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My Call To Action

I've got a plan to help keep puppies from ever become shelter dogs in the first place. But I need your help to make it happen. In this vlog I explain how The SIRIUS Puppy Initiative works. 

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Sarah Whitehead - Your Clever Dog

Unlock your dog’s genius with Sarah Whitehead and the Clever Dog Company!  Sarah is passionate about positive training and behavioural understanding and lectures world-wide on the subject.  Sarah’s



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