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Unlock your dog’s genius with Sarah Whitehead and the Clever Dog Company!  Sarah is passionate about positive training and behavioural understanding and lectures world-wide on the subject.  Sarah’s specialities are puppy development, adolescent canine behaviour, aggression issues and canine body language. Whether you would like to follow a career in dog training or behaviour, or just want to build the best possible relationship with your own dog, this clip is for you.

Education courses, international and home study:  Your Clever Dog DVDs, focusing on Basic Training, Coming when Called, Jumping Up, Puppy Biting, Pulling on Leash, House Training:  Free fact sheets, videos and training tips with Sarah Whitehead:  Online dog training course for dogs of all types and ages: www.trainyourdogonline.  Try Sarah’s new clicker training App!

Unlock your dog’s genius today! With Sarah Whitehead, Windsor, UK.  Behaviour specialist, trainer, author and lecturer

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The Dunbar Academy Top Dog Academy – 4 books, 13 videos, 9 seminars and workshops