(Part 2) Adriana Milne - Pet Pals at the Park


Rocket recall - We lead busy lives these days and we work long hours. Do you find time to walk your dog daily? If yes, great!  What about Playing with your dog? Taking your dog to a park, playing fetch with balls, frisbees, toys? Or simply off-leash play?? They simply love it!  To be able to do play successfully there are a few things to keep in mind... You start and finish playtime. It’s on your terms. Get some yummy treats your dog loves, a bum bag and head to the park. You need to be fun for your dog to want to come back to. Great things should always happen when he’s around you. You should ask your dog to sit and look at you before releasing them into off-leash play. And use a command word like Free or Go Play before letting them off leash. Every few minutes you can call your dog to check in with you and reward him for coming back to you. Sit and Look at you becomes the default action your dog must perform before they get something they want from you, making it easy to get them to focus on you. Gently touch the collar and say Good Boy or Yes when he comes back then Go Play so he never knows when its time to go home and doesn’t run away from you when you ask for a recall. Recalls should be practiced in the presence of mid and high levels of distractions, like other dogs. Soon enough you’ll have a rocket recall and fun times ahead for both of you…

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