17 German Shepherd Puppies Visit SIRIUS El Cerrito

We only learned of these puppies a week ago but we thought they could use some extra training and socialization, so in the spirit of the SIRIUS Puppy Raising Initiative we offered to help out.  We visited them at their home to help out with their housetraining set-up and then we scheduled a session at the SIRIUS facility in El Cerrito where they could meet some new dogs and get some one-on-one training.  A litter of puppies will grow to depend on each other and so it's important to give them all time away from the group so they can learn to be happy and confident when they're separated from their litter mates. 

We've also made individual videos for each of the pups that are still looking for homes: Diana, Gina, Sophia, Troy & Zeus.To hear the full story, listen to our latest iWoofs podcast.


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