(Part 1) Adriana Milne - Pet Pals at the Park


AGILITY TRAINING - Positive Reinforcement training can be fun. If mental and physical stimulation becomes part of the daily interaction with your dog, you’ll stablish a great relationship with your K-9 friend, based on trust, mutual bond, fun and respect. You’ll have a grrrr8 mate for life...

Before teaching agility training we teach your dog how to target. The dog touches the hand target with its nose and gets a treat reward every time he/she does it. Soon your dog starts following your hand target along a course of jumps, tunnels, ramps, weaving poles. You reward your dog for every successful attempt. You need to focus so your dog can learn to focus on you and on your hand signals too. If your dog doesn’t like doing/trying a particular piece of agility equipment, make it fun for him to go through and never force him.  Instead, encourage him and reward him for trying it. Always finish the session on a positive note. He’ll soon start enjoying it and to want to do it more and more. Life should be fun for both of you.

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