"Off" and "Take it"

Off with Charlotte - SIRIUS Puppy Training Classic

As you can maybe tell, this video is a couple decades old.  We have since learned that this exercise is just as effective without bopping the dog on the nose, or even shouting.  If you say "Off" and your pup continues to mouth or paw at your hand just ignore them until they pull away.  As soon as they pull away you can reward them with the treat.  Gradually increase the duration of the Off, and they will quickly learn without the need to aversive corrections.


Introducing Off - Training the Companion Dog 4 – Recalls & Stays

“Off” is a crucial command.  You don’t want your dog to constantly lick, mouth or paw your hand, just because your holding a treat.  It’s easy to do, start with a second, then reward progressively longer durations.

Training:  "Off" and "Take it"

Down Stay & Off - Training the Companion Dog 4 – Recalls & Stays

A loose piece of food makes a powerful challenge to your dog’s stay, assuming they already know the “Off” command of course.

Games and Control - Dog Training for Children

Games motivate everyone and make training fun and exciting.  Just make sure you always maintain control of the dog so they don’t get over-excited.

Training Thank You - Training the Companion Dog 4 – Recalls & Stays

It’s very important to practice taking and returning preferred objects from your puppy, thereby showing them that they don’t need to be protective of their stuff.

Training:  "Off" and "Take it"

Off & Take It - Training the Companion Dog 4 – Recalls & Stays

It’s very important to have a command which lets the dog know when it is okay to take food from your hand, otherwise any food you carry will be fair game.

Training:  "Off" and "Take it"

Off with Children - SIRIUS Puppy Training Classic

Children often have trouble telling a puppy “Off” in a way that really tells the dog that they’re behavior is unaccetable.  Help your child understand that they need to yell loudly when the dog pulls on clothing or mouths them inappropriately.

Training:  "Off" and "Take it"

Children & Off - SIRIUS Puppy Training Classic

Puppies love to play, but it’s very important that everyone (especially children) enforces strict rules about physical play.  If you want to have control over your adult dog, you have to train them as a puppy.

Training:  "Off" and "Take it"

Don't Touch

All-or-None reward training is the easiest way to train your dog to teach your dog “Off”


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