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Embedded thumbnail for Sit For Lettuce

Sit For Lettuce

You should use the rewards that your dog enjoys most. If your dog loves Romaine lettuce, then by all means, use it in training.

Training:  Basic Manners
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Quantum Leaps Intro

Proper lure-reward training will progress through four quantum leaps: 1. Phasing out Food Lures, 2. Reducing the Number of Food Rewards, 3. Phasing Out Food Rewards, 4. Phasing Out External Rewards.

Training:  Quantum Leaps
Embedded thumbnail for Off From Floor

Off From Floor

Start by teaching your dog Off with food in your hand, then progress to Off from the floor.

Training:  "Off" and "Take it"
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Potty Payola

Potty training is one of the most important aspects of raising a dog, and it is one area in which you should be very generous with your rewards. You should always reward good potty behavior.