Basic Manners

Introduce Your Dog to Their Crate

Before you confine your dog in their crate, make sure they want to go in. Easy to do if you stuff a chewtoy and put it inside, with the dog stuck outside!

Good Dogs Have More Fun - Training the Companion Dog 3 – Walking & Heeling

Good dogs are fun to be around.  A dog that’s well-behaved and always under control will get to go out into the world and meet lots of people.  They’ll be happier and you’ll be happier.

Polite Greetings – SIRIUS Adult Dog Training

Polite greetings take practice.  It’s a good idea to train your dog to automatically sit when you meet another person, especially if they’re with another dog.


Doggy’s Dinnertime - SIRIUS Puppy Training Classic

Dogs love food and so it’s a great idea to have them do a little obedience training to earn their dinner.  It’s also a great time for handling exercises.

Introducing a Crate - Training the Companion Dog 2 – Behavior Problems

Training a dog to  enjoy their crate is an easy way to get them to settle down for extended periods.  Make sure you introduce the crate with lots of treats and some chewtoys to keep them busy.

Punishment & Reward - Training Dogs with Dunbar

Punishment is a necessary part of a complete training program.  However, punishment does not need to be painful or scary.  If you’re mean to your dog they’ll become anti-social and difficult to train.

Sit to Say Hello - Training the Companion Dog 3 – Walking & Heeling

A dog that’s sitting can’t jump up.  Ask your dog to sit before letting them out, so you  at least begin the exercise in control.

Why Dogs Jump Up - Training the Companion Dog 3 – Walking & Heeling

Dogs jump up to say hi and express affection.  It would be cruel to respond to their affection with painful corrections.  It’s far easier to train your dog to do something else when they meet people.  Something that they can’t do while jumping up.  But what could that something be…?

Meet, Greet, Repeat – SIRIUS Adult Dog Training

Socialization is a life long process.  If  your dog doesn’t have regular interactions with new people and dogs, they will slowly become anti-social to strangers.


Recall Etiquette - Training the Companion Dog 1 – Socialization & Training

When you practice recalls, be sure to reward them when you grab their collar, and have them sit before you release them.


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