Dog Training Tools: Don't use food as a bribe! Don't let your tools become a crutch!

A hot topic for sure! An incredibily important one too. No topic is more misunderstood than the use of food in dog training. By all means we should use training tools but there is indeed a lot of urgency to phase them out. Here I discuss the appropriate use, and misuse, of food in training.

This is just an hors d'oeurve of what's on the menu of my latest seminar series, check out my 2010/2011 appearance schedule if you'd like to take a bigger bite!

Products from Dr. Ian Dunbar

  • Day 4: Puppy Classes & Home Training

  • Day 1: Business, Promotion, People Training and Games

  • This little book is intended primarily as a brief but comprehensive guide to puppy training, containing information about socialization, temperament training and behavior modification as well as tips for teaching basic manners.

  • Voted the #1 BEST BOOK by the Association of Pet Dog Trainers. Easy, fun-loving, dog-friendly methods for teaching a new puppy old tricks (such as basic manners), or for teaching an older dog (or older owner) who is new to training.

  • Children have natural advantages as trainers. Dogs like being with them, because they are playful and fun. All they have to do is learn a few simple training techniques and they’ll soon put grown ups in the shade.

  • 1. Socialization & Training
    2. Behavior Problems
    3. Walking & Heeling
    4. Recalls & Stays