Want To Talk Dog? You've Come To The Right Place...

Kelly Gorman Dunbar and Dune, American Bulldog

Fun times ahead! Today will be a big media day here at Dog Star Daily headquarters, and for us that also means it’s a family affair. Ian got home at midnight last night for a brief, 48-hour respite before heading out to give yet another seminar. (He’s gone Wednesday through Sunday most weeks this spring so it will be good to have dinner with him and Jamie and catch up tonight.)

I’m filming a local TV segment on the origin of Open Paw this morning, and then Jamie is coming by to record more episodes of iWoofs. By the way, if you have any questions you’d like us to address in our podcasts, please get in touch via our Dog Star Daily Facebook Page. We love hearing from you.

Finally, Jamie and I will wrap up our day with a live chat on mindful puppy raising at Bark Out Loud. This will be a continuation of a conversation I had with Mary Doane on all things puppy and will be our first time doing a live chat format together. I’m really looking forward to it. Please join us!

It’s truly a dog’s life here at Chez Hugo-Louis.