Puppy Diary (Part 3) - Each Puppy is an Individual

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Each Puppy is an Individual

So I wanted to spend time with each puppy individually for a couple of reasons:

  1. I have seen puppies bouncing around and jumping all over me, when they are all together in a group but as soon as I saw each one separately a lot of them completely changed. A friend who has seen a lot more puppy litters than I have describes the same. Some of those puppies that were “full of confidence” become really worried & anxious when by them selves. Therefore I think that is always best to see puppies both with their sibling and without.
  2. I would have to choose a puppy (or part choose the puppy and let the puppy part choose me?), so spending time with them individually gives me a better idea about that puppy and their individual quirks & personality which I accept will grow and develop with time and guidance but interacting with each puppy I felt gave me small clues as to what they might potentially be like to live with and teach.

(Already In my previous blog I described one puppy as “tried the hardest and preserved the longest to stay with me even when I ignored him.”  This might tell me that this puppy is persistent and will try and try again if he wants something; also this puppy adores my attention. Could this suggest to me that this puppy might find it difficult to be separated from humans for some period of time? Where as the other puppy who went and chewed on a stick when I ignored him; might generally adapt more easily to being left alone. Of course these things can be taught and modified…

Coming back to the persistence thing, a lot of owners find this type of dog difficult, as the dog may keep trying something even after they tell the puppy off or try and stop him. This puppy is usually labelled stubborn or dominant. This really isn’t the case, if they think about a few things from the dogs perspective and get a little imaginative in how they teach their dog then training is usually much easier and fun (more on this in later blogs).  I think it very much depends of the personality of the potential owner as well as to which traits they find appealing and what they can live and work with.

I played with each puppy and decided that the puppy who was more held back would not be the puppy most suited to me and my lifestyle; which would involve coming to my lectures, using lots of public transport and visiting lots of strange environments. This puppy could learn to relax more in those situations but in my opinion we would need to work together a lot to achieve the kind of confidence I desired, so I felt that based on my time commitments and wishes the other two puppies were more suitable for me and me for them.

I went to the garden with each of the puppies and decided to interact with them in different ways. Things I did with the puppies involved:

a. Move away from the puppy when they were distracted and stand behind a bush watching how they react. Would they investigate their surroundings, find fun things to do, search for me…?

b. I interacted with them by stroking and cuddling them then ignored them and looked at what they did after I stopped.

c. I looked at how they react to a large bundle of keys on the floor…

I believe that all theses things gave me some insight into these puppies’ developmental progress and character. I agree that the puppy will continue to develop for a long time after you take them home. Their personality and character will develop and mould with time and experience.

I don’t believe there are a set number of test you can do to test puppies. I do feel however that you can interact with them in a different ways and evaluate various factors, learn about the puppies; what you learn about them probably depends a lot on your experience and your understanding.

I felt that both the two remaining puppies were ideal for me and hopefully me for them. I do over think these things sometime and in this case I presented myself with a dilemma:

“Puppy 1” really caught my eye in terms of the eye colour and slightly lighter coat colour in addition to the fact he just wanted cuddles and kisses. “Puppy 2” (the “cool guy”) just seemed chilled out which I really like in a dog. I went from deciding that it would be one pup and the other, after which I decided it would be the first one again.

This was a Sunday, I knew for the next two days I had lectures and although I would be taking the puppy with me I didn’t feel it would be best for the puppy so I asked the breeder if I could come back on Wednesday to collect my new puppy. She was very quick to agree and suggested that I take all the time I needed and that she would make sure she kept both the puppies I was interested in until I came back. (If I hadn’t decided by then, I could decide on Wed.) Anne the breeder also did not take a deposit as she said that there should be no pressure for me to select a puppy and if I decided that the puppies were not matched to me then I could change my mind. This was fanatic and confirmed to me I had found a fantastic & caring breeder! If you go to see a puppy and are pressured into paying for one then and there, I would suggest that you ask a few more questions and remember that if you are not ready to decide then you don’t have to there will be other breeders, other puppies who you may feel are more suited to you and your family. I have previously seen puppies where I am continually reminded how there are more people coming to see the puppies and if I don’t pay before I leave then they will all be sold. Looking back I am very glad I didn’t buy a puppy from them.

Come Wednesday I will be driving home with the most beautiful bundle of joy, just a small matter of trying not to change my mind again! Two LONG days ahead of me!!!