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Chirag is a Certified Pet Dog Trainer and Pet Behaviour Counsellor working in the UK. He is the manager for The Training and Behaviour Centre at Dr Roger Mugfords Company of Animals. He also runs Domesticated Manners Pet Training and Behaviour. He holds a BSc (Hons) Degree in Veterinary Sciences from the Royal Veterinary College and is currently studying for a Masters in Clinical Animal Behaviour.

Chirag has and does work with a variety of animal species including dogs, cats, horses, parrots, rats, degus, tortoise and many more. 

His website is

Chirag can be reached at [email protected]

Blog posts by Chirag Patel

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Boom Boom Puppy Power

This video shows some training I did with a young puppy as she would back away and show behaviours associated with feeling uncomfortable around her collar. In a short training period you will see how giving her choice, control and predicability builds and empowered learner who is a willing participant.

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Dog Training Ideas: Veterinary and care giving behaviours

Ideas on teaching behaviour to make taking care of the dogs under our care less stressful and easier on them. Contact you local dog trainer and ask them to show you how you can work on appropiate and fun training ideas for your dog. 

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Teaching "Food Manners"

This video is an introduction to teaching dogs both puppies and adults which behaviours are likely to payoff in the presence of food and which behaviours do not. 

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Getting Ready for the Vets

The power of positive reinforcement training along side empowering your learner and giving them choice and control. Love my monkey boy:)


Ouch! Lead Work

A quick video tip for caregivers who find that their puppy bites or mouths them when they clip the lead on or off.

See video tip:

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Vet Visits Need Not Be Stressful.

This video shows a brief clip of teaching a dog to be comfortable with a nasal vaccine. 

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Four Feet on the Floor: Jumping up behaviour in puppies and dogs

Teaching dogs that four feet on the floor when they are around people pays. 

Embedded thumbnail for Training for ear treatments

Training for ear treatments

This video demonstrates two ways of teaching dogs to be comfortable with allowing ear medication with three different puppies/dogs. You can do similar training for other handling training too.

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Teaching Stay - Training with young people

This video shows how we were teaching our dogs and puppies to stay during puppy class. You see some excellent training by some young handlers. The puppies were learning to be comfortable being on different surfaces hence the tables. If you are teaching stay then I would suggest you start on a more stable floor.

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Talking Dogs

This video will make for great discussion. I haven't put voice over on it yet, so what do you think?

To set the scene: 

Kelpie (brown dog on lead) is my entire 3 year old (in a few days) Kelpie.

Other collies are also entire and belong to the pub/hotel I was visiting. Don't know very much about them.

To help the non-trainers in this video we are looking at body language and what these dogs are doing.





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