Pass it on

I am a die hard bibliophile. I love books and have for as long as I can remember. If one day all reading was done on computers, I would still have a collection of real books to hold, fondle, smell and re-read at will. It's not just the book itself that I love, but the contents awaiting me inside. I am not sure when the love affair started. Perhaps in my youth when reading was an escape.

These days my collection includes much dog training and behavior related fare. Being a trainer with a heavy interest in behavior gives me an excuse to add to my book shelf regularly. And I have with gusto.

While looking at the growing numbers piling up on my training shelf, wondering where I will have to start putting the next purchases, I had a thought. Why don't I share some of my wealth of knowledge? I don't NEED to keep every book I buy and read. (Painful as that was to admit to myself.) What I should do is donate some of them to my local libraries. Then they could be helping other dog owners that either can't afford training, or want to learn more on their own before seeking professional help. What better way to reach the masses?

I am fortunate that my own local library knows me well. They have already bought books on training that I have recommended in the past. Of course as a library they also buy what the best seller list recommends so our methods have competition.

My point to this post is to point out we can reach a wider audience if we all think of our local libraries as a resource. If you want to get our training message out there donate a book or two on the subject for them to share. Many libraries function on a small budget and welcome donated books with open arms. Point out the timeless nature of the work when you take them in so they don't purge the book to soon. Some libraries also have movie sections so DVD's are also welcome.

It doesn't stop with training info either. Do you have a dog sport you want to promote in your area? How about breed information not everyone knows is out there? Donate books on those subjects to get the word out for them as well.

With books I have found the possibilities are endless. As trainers we have all this knowledge within our reach. Now lets all go pass it on shall we?