Maybe We Are Smarter Than They Think

This past Sunday, Cesar Millan was supposed to bring his Pack Power tour to the Washington, DC area, but it never happened.  So, sadly, he wasn't able to "transform dog lovers in DC into Pack leaders," as the advertisement touted.  The tickets, priced at $150.00/$75.00/$39.50 went on sale October 10, but suddenly a couple of weeks ago it was announced the appearance was canceled.  And not only his DC appearance, but according to the website Cesar's Way, the appearances in Dallas on November 15 and Los Angeles on November 21 were canceled as well.  The Patriot Center website cites the reason for the cancelation as "due to circumstances outside of his  control..."  However Cesar's way says "commitments to charity events."  That one sounds much better.  How can people be ticked off about that, especially those who didn't get the memo and did show up at the Patriot Center on Sunday.  Okay, I'm skeptical by nature, and I suppose that could be true.  But if it is, he certainly needs to fire whomever handles his scheduling.  Tours are scheduled far, far in advance, and usually the only reason people back out of them are for medical reasons (a la Janet Jackson, Miley Cyrus, Stephen Tyler, etc).  But prior commitments?  Hmmmmmmm......  Okay.

Like I said, I'm skeptical by nature, but come on!  He's big business and there are a lot of hands in those pockets.  Would they seriously refund millions of dollars for, oh, but wait.  Maybe not.  Could it be possible that the ticket sales were disappointing and not living up to projections?  After all, during these still tough economic times, people are watching their money a little more closely and are much more disciminating about where and what they spend it on.  Or could it be possible the hoopla and hype of the whole be a pack leader/dominate your dog before he dominates you thing is waning a bit?  Or could it be possible that people are starting to get it

A girl can dream, can't she?

My suggestion, in addition to the disclaimer warning viewers "not to use his techniques without consulting with a professional," how about adding one that states, "this show is for entertainment purposes only."  But worth $150.00 a ticket to see it in person.  Apparently, not so much.