Irresponsible Ownership: Whats Neutering Got To Do With It?

There have been some discussion about irresponsible ownership and it inspired me to write part two to my original blog "Neutering: Whats behaviour got to do with it?"

Irresponsible people in my opinion doesn't equal "all dogs should be neutered". I believe it's about whats best for the individual dog.  It seems too me the attitude of many owners now is that dogs are a convenience thing and disposable. Many have the idea "The local rescue centre will take him when we can't have or don't want him any more. This just isn't good enough, a sentient life deserves more! Lack of understanding and knowledge of living with dogs doesn't equal "all dogs should be neutered". Neutering is not going to make people more responsible owners because in my opnion there are many other qualities that I think are far more important when it comes to looking at responsible dog ownership. 

Many people think they want a dogs so they get one but many people dont know first thing about what a dog is behaviourally or biologically. This is another reason dogs end up in rehoming centre, I dont see how if this owner neutered their dog it would make them more responsible.

I also think neutering is talked about too generally, people probably put more thought into their hair cut and style then into neutering an individual and its benefits + fallouts (in terms of the dog, not the human, because the dog shouldn't have to negotiate living with a human, the human should be the one who goes out their way to fit living with a dog because it is the human who decided that the dog is living with them not the other way round.)

This is just my opinion. I am NOT against neutering, I would happily recommended some one speak to their vets about neutering tomorrow from a training and behaviour point of view if I felt it was "best" for that dog. I don't however think it's fair to argue all responsible dog owners should neuter their dogs or a big reason to neuter dogs is because many people are irresponsible. If they are irresponsible whould they be owing a dog?