I'm In Love!

fergus jump 1.JPG

When I adopted Fergus the Jack Russell
Terrier 6 months ago I wasn’t looking for another dog, but he needed a new
home, and it felt like the right thing to do. 
He’s a very nice guy who acts like every person he meets is his best
friend, and he is actually great with other dogs.  He’s a good looking dog and he’s really quite
well behaved.  He integrated into our
house so quickly and easily that it almost seemed like he’d always been
here.  And yet, it didn’t seem quite
right.  I felt a little guilty every time
I looked at him cuddled up on the couch next to me.  I felt bad because I didn’t love him. 

Now, don’t get me wrong, I liked him a
whole lot.   I just didn’t get that melty
feeling in my heart when I looked at him the way I do with my other dogs. I
also wasn’t sure if I was all that special to him.  I mean, he’s excited to see me when I come
home and loves to cuddle with me on the couch, but he is such an outgoing
little guy and I wasn’t sure he liked me more than he liked anyone else. 

Now I know he does.  And I’m in love with him, too!  It all happened over the weekend. 

We were competing in a CPE agility trial,
our 4th competition since I got him. 
He has been a challenge to compete and train with because he gets quite
distracted by everything going on around him and will run off to visit or
follow his nose.  But this weekend, we
clicked.  There were moments when he was
distracted- sometimes quite distracted!- but most of the time we were focused
on each other and working as a team and having a great time. 

I know Fergus will still get distracted,
but I know he is going to keep doing better and better because there’s a
connection there that we were missing before. 
We both know that we are loved and that we are in this together! 

I encourage everyone to find some activity
to do with your dog that you can both actively participate in and enjoy
together.  Whether you try agility or
doggie dancing or just play hide and seek together at home, make a point of
spending individual time with each of your dogs doing something fun and you
will both be better for it.  Spend some
time nurturing each relationship, and I promise they will blossom!