My 5 Favorite Books for Teaching Dog Tricks

Tricks and games are some of the best way to motivate Humans to train their Dogs. Plenty of people who shirk their homework and procrastinate "important training" are happy to spend an afternoon perfecting a trick or playing a training game. They can be so much fun, and so motivating, and they are a great way to teach your dog to perform pro-social behaviors on cue, to help put other people and dogs at ease. 

I just shared five of my favorite books for teaching dog tricks on a new website called Shepherd.

Shepherd is making the process of searching for a new book fun. They ask authors like myself to recommend five books around a topic, theme, or mood. Then they make it fun for readers to browse books on topics and connect with each author's book recommendations. Check out their new bookshelves on books about dogs and dog training

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  • In this DVD lecture, veterinarian and animal behaviorist Dr. Ian Dunbar addresses one of the most worrying behavior problems any dog owner can face — dogs that bite.

  • 1. Socialization & Training
    2. Behavior Problems
    3. Walking & Heeling
    4. Recalls & Stays

  • Dr. Dunbar has always been one of the best at explaining dog training from the dog’s point of view, and in this video he highlights many of the most common mistakes humans make when trying to train their dogs.

  • Children have natural advantages as trainers. Dogs like being with them, because they are playful and fun. All they have to do is learn a few simple training techniques and they’ll soon put grown ups in the shade.

  • Day 2: Behavior Counseling

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