Dog/People Training in Vietnam: Entry- June 5th 2007 Hanoi

Friday night here in Hanoi. Everybody is out & about doing what people all around our planet do on a Friday night, be with loved ones. Here the young just do it Vietnamese-style. They cruise around on Scooters cuddling each other as they weave through some of the most insane traffic I have ever seen. I have learned to cross the street fairly well now. Proven by the fact that I am sitting here writing to you still intact and upright......

So- today was a super EPIC day again in Hanoi (as always). I started off doing some review of the past few days’ material on putting together a SAR (search and rescue) team. We spent an entire day on just the execution and deployment of a team. I asked all of my students to think about the many things they might need in their gear bags. They had put together a pretty good pack of essentials, except they were leaving out one very important personal care item that you should never leave home with out. I kept asking over and over, “Come on guys & gals, you are forgetting one very important item!” Finally one of the girls figured it out - toilet paper!! Thank you. Now the list of pack essentials was complete. We covered much more than just that during the lesson. Trust me. See my SAR board picture attached here below. I hope you can read my writing… They sure could not...LOL!

The big deal today was not so much our dog talk as it was ME TEACHING ENGLISH!!!

C'mon folks, we all know that I kant spel propurlee let alone teetch it... I went through years of speech therapy as a young child. You all know I love to talk and today all my early years of speech therapy paid off. For an hour and half we did a little something called “Talk Like a Southern Californian”.

My class learned to say, ready for this, remember, it is the K9guru teaching here:

"Yo dude what's up?" and "Surfs up!!" LOL Anyone who has spent any time in Asia knows that for them to articulate those words took some real hard work. I was jumping around the room yelling sounds like EEEERRRRRRR- SSIIRRRR SURFS UP YYOOOOO not ZOE EEWWWW DUDE TTSSS TTSSS WHAT'S UP UUPPP UP.

They were all cracking up like crazy, having the best time of their life. So was I. I will get this all on video soon to show you all. I love my students very much and they tell me they love me too. Pretty darn cool I think. Sorry, as Mr. Ha would say, "I KNOW".

ALERT- Check this out, this is super HUGE!! Mr. Ha had all the trainers write a letter to him saying that they would never again hit any dogs. They understand that if caught striking a dog, it would lead to a stiff fine. Do it again, fine doubles. Do it again, U R history.

What do all you readers think about that?? Do you think the K9guru has lifted his leg in Hanoi??? I know so.

I just want to say thank you so much to all the wonderful folks at DSD for letting me share my adventures with all of you dog lovers around the planet. I hope you find my work educational...

Ya right, LOL LOL, Informative...nice try again. Ok, how about entertaining???

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