Dog/People Training in Vietnam: Entry - June 19th, 2007 Taipei International Airport


In case some of you did not get to the last of my 4th entry here it is: Mr. Ha the director of the training facility (my new second home) has had a major change of mind in the methods of training of the dogs and his trainers under his care.

He had his trainers write him letters saying that they would never hit the dogs!!!! If they did they would be fined X amount of Dong ($$$), do it again and the fine doubles, do it a 3rd time and U B history. Out of the program!!! Finished!!

Mr. Ha and I plan on introducing animal cruelty laws to the government of Vietnam in the future. This all takes time and will require the same strategy I use with my clients, baby steps.

You must understand the political stuff going on here. Vietnamese War veteran embraces American K9guru (Californian), a positive dog trainer, to assist in developing a World Class International dog training facility. Two countries once at war now together as friends in the mission to educate the world on humane dog training and education.

I have a very emotional connection to Mr. Ha. He loves animals. He loves dogs. He is very passionate about his love for the dogs. I know I can come in here and put his facility on the global map. One of my Vietnamese friends Ms. Yen has called me a Social Butterfly.........She knows me already very well. I be a social dog, lifting my big leg wherever I go. Seems like people like me to lift my leg over here.

I will be back in the states for just a few months before I return to my new home in Ha Noi, North Vietnam.

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I thank all the good people at for all of the amazing work they are doing around the world.

Excuse me; I feel the urge to go lift my leg........ ;)