Dog/People Training Ha Noi, North Vietnam, Entry: July 1, 2007, Malibu, California

Yes, I am back in L.A., but just for a short time. I am looking forward very much to my new Mission. So, I just read Nicole's Blog and wanted to share one of my loose dog stories because it happens all too often and it is one of my "pet peeves". Keep in mind I have MANY loose dog stories, this is just one.

So, I was driving westbound on San Vicente Blvd in Brentwood. The Brentwood country club is on my left, very nice homes on my right, and I am getting close to the 26th Street intersection when I see up ahead of me a little Schipperke darting back and forth through traffic while sporting a very nice royal blue full-leg cast on his front right leg......... YAP ............ OK, bear with me here.

So things start to happen at the speed of light. I figured all of this out AFTER the accident. Ahead of me to my right is a side street where a BENTLEY was pulling out making a right turn heading also westbound on San Vicente. At that very moment the car a few lengths directly in front of me swerves radically to right (to miss the dog) smashing the car in the right lane into the BENTLEY. I was behind just enough to stay to the right and miss the whole thing altogether.

At that moment I was at a little mini-intersection where I made a left turn following the scared little dog. I pulled right up next to him. He was on my passenger side, my dogs Garbo & Franklin were in the back seat in their seatbelt harnesses just looking on like No Big Deal. I stretched low and across my passenger seat and spoke in a tone that Nicole talked about, but the words coming out of my mouth are not fit to print in this family publication.

That little dog flew up into my truck like it knew that was a good place to be. I quickly whipped out the liver treats. The dog ate them.... I looked at the blue heart tag on the dogs collar and the dogs name was "LUCKY" !!!!

So, back to the scene. I make the call and the owners were furious with the dog. They yelled at me and said, "Last time that Damn Dog got through the fence it got hit by a car!!!"

These dog owners had not a clue about environmental management skills, not to mention anything else as far as I was concerned. That poor little dog. Keep in mind we now have a multiple car accident due to someone not taking care of things, MANY THINGS. (Editors note: Such as proper fencing for a small dog.)

I wanted to keep the dog, But that would have really upset the little kids of the house who really did love the dog. I do not know how it all worked out in the end, but no one was seriously hurt in the accident. Two ambulances were dispatched to the scene. I know one of the ladies in the accident said she was going to sue the dog owners. This is just one of my many loose dog stories, I thought I would share it with you as food for thought.