Doggie Ambassadors

I was reminded again yesterday how dogs have the power to bring people together, without even trying! I was returning to my car yesterday in a downtown parking lot. The car parked next to me was an old, beat-up low rider with 3 rather intimidating young men sitting in it. I needed to get into my driver's side door, but their doors were standing open blocking my way. That is when I noticed the cute little terrier sitting on the passenger side floorboard. I smiled reflexively and commented on what a great dog they had. The 3 unsmiling thugs suddenly turned into proud doggie parents, and even asked about the dogs they saw crated in my car. We chatted about dogs for a few moments and then the set off with their dog for a walk, with their incredibly baggy and low-hanging jeans miraculously staying in place and an adorable little terrier trotting along at their side. Ironically, I was the one with the pitbull in tow!!