Dog Training in Vietnam: Part Deux

Yesterday was another EPIC day for all my students and me. The subject matter was "Socialization". Well, they did not understand what and why initially but thanks to a top notch translator my job has been rather smooth in getting them to see and understand things in a new way.  

Some of the dogs they are training for guard/bite work came to the facility from a private home after 8 months of abuse and they want to go and turn them into attack dogs.  All the students want their dogs to do I bite people.....sorry, I find it kinda funny from my perspective. Some of the dogs just do not have the ability to do proper guard/bite work. Some might become a better scent discrimination dog that does not have to attack some bad guy.

 One thing I keep hearing from my students is that either their dog will not bite or it does not know how to release from a bite....sorry, I just find it all a bit funny.

So I repeat all day long that we MUST have the right tool for the right job. Have the right dog for the right job. As you can all see my work is really cut out for me here.

Anyway, at the end of the day they GET IT (as has been every day I spend with my students). They are so happy and I’m so tired & happy as well. All of these "kids" are highly skilled in martial arts and one of those cute little girls could kill me with her hands. These people are very tuff, but also so loving. They have treated me very well. At the end of each day the all stand together and shout GURU !!! That is pretty special coming from a communist country that kicked our ass all over the place.

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PS. Any one is welcome to come and visit. You need a visa though and to not be afraid of the craziest traffic on this planet. For all you ladies I will swing you by Ipa-Nima and maybe even meet Christina Yu in person if she is in town. I will be back in the states for a short visit from July till Sept.