Dog Star Daily Is Getting a Facelift And I've Joined Animal Cafe

Well, I’ve taken a summer hiatus and then some, but school’s back in session and, after resolving a few tech problems (thanks Super Mario!) my bum is back in my office chair, often with a bulldog backup as well!

I’ve got lots of irons in the fire and plenty of things to tell you about, so expect to hear from me on a more regular basis from here on out. There are new projects, new creatures, old projects revived, and an upcoming new look for Dog Star Daily.

I’d like to start by telling you a bit about my new role as a contributing editor at Animal Cafe. I’m so pleased to join these folks! I’ll be covering training and behavior topics in my monthly podcast. However, there are new podcasts every Monday, on a broad range of animal-related topics, from nutrition to travel, so the site is quite an interesting resource.

This week's podcast features the well-travelled and witty Edie Jarolim speaks with fellow seasoned traveller and blogger, Diane Silver about her adventures in Italy with her handsome Havanese, Cosmo.

I really enjoyed this interview, particularly because Diane discusses how she acclimated Cosmo to his travel carrier by playing travel bag games with him from a very young age, and also because she talks about how Italian dogs can go nearly everywhere with their people as part of the family (save one, grand musical tradition) perhaps because they are so well mannered. And well, I love it because it’s a discussion about Italy... Il mio amore!

Also, please tune in to Anima Cafe next week when I’ll speak to Grisha Stewart about her training protocol for dogs that suffer from fear, frustration, and leash reactivity that’s sweeping the planet.

Ciao for now!