Dog 2.0: The Next Revolution

Most people know that Dr. Ian Dunbar & I have a dog training business called SIRIUS® Puppy & Dog Training. Some people even know that twenty-six years ago SIRIUS was the first puppy training school. They simply didn’t exist before 1982, if you wanted to take your dog to a class to teach her to mind her manners or to nip puppy nipping in the bud before she was six-months old, well, you were out of luck back then.

SIRIUS was the beginning of a revolution in dog training. Puppy training begot pet or companion dog training. You know, dog training for regular folks that had no plans to prance around in a ring or perform wild athletic skills, people who counted their dog as their buddy and just wanted him to come when called, maybe not jump up on people.

All of that is well and good, but it was twenty-six years ago, and we here at Dunbar Headquarters are ready for the next revolution.

This is what Dog Star Daily is, Dog 2.0: the next revolution in dog training.

We are in the process of “going green” with all of our training products. We are digitizing everything, essentially digitizing Ian’s brain and all 30 years of his experience in dog behavior and training.

Right now we have audio books, e-books, and audio single-topic programs available at In the age of the ipod what better way to get your training info and insight than by listening to Ian while you're driving, or better yet, while you're playing with your dog!

This site has over 200 videos to help you train and to entertain you. Video is a great way to see a technique in action. We also have a digital training textbook that utilizes both text and video right here. And this is just the beginning of what we’ve got planned.

Ultimately we are very excited to embrace the new technology because it is dogs in general who will most benefit from this revolution. Solid, tried and true training information is now available at your fingertips here on the site, so please take a look around and then get out and use what you’ve learned to spend some quality time with your dog. Training keeps dogs out of shelters and that is why we do what we do.


You can read more about the history of SIRIUS here.

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