Desperate Times Call For PUPPIES!

Ilicit Love.JPG

Back in June when the financial crisis was just budding I wrote about how to make the best of a stressful situation by hanging out with your dog. All of us dog lovers already know how dogs reduce our stress and enhance our lives, it is no secret. As the late Charles M Schulz said, “Happiness is a warm puppy.” Now, as the financial crisis goes global, it seems the idea of doggy-delight-as-respite is really catching on.

In times of stress and uncertainty it is largely my dogs and my sense of humor that pull me through. Dogs with a sense of humor are great, but clever dogs are even better for making me smile. Glad to see that others have taken the time to put two great things together for our benefit. So enjoy a dose of wags and wit with a bit of help from some canine comedians deadpaning for "daddy". Or even better make your own video and show us how your dog makes your day. How does your dog make you smile? 

Here’s what Ian does in his free time…

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