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Chirag is a Certified Pet Dog Trainer and Pet Behaviour Counsellor working in the UK. He is the manager for The Training and Behaviour Centre at Dr Roger Mugfords Company of Animals. He also runs Domesticated Manners Pet Training and Behaviour. He holds a BSc (Hons) Degree in Veterinary Sciences from the Royal Veterinary College and is currently studying for a Masters in Clinical Animal Behaviour.

Chirag has and does work with a variety of animal species including dogs, cats, horses, parrots, rats, degus, tortoise and many more. 

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Chirag can be reached at [email protected]

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Doggie Doorbell

It's that time of the year again – the Christmas holidays are approaching. For many people their pets will play a different role during the holiday. Some people I know they wouldn’t dream of spending Christmas away from their dogs while others seek out boarding kennels as they feel that it is better for them or their dog due to the high volume of visitors and family members visiting.

Recently, a few owners have being asking me questions as to what I would suggest so their pet is not overlooked during the holidays and also about specific concerns they have. So below I thought I would share ideas on how to deal with one such concern.

“Too Much” barking at the doorbell.

There may be lots of reasons why your dog is doing what he is doing and we may not know exactly why. However I will outline a non-specific training plan that I hope will help.

If the dog barks as soon as the doorbell goes off and they keep barking then I would suggest you try the following:


Alfresco Dining

Tip 1

First of all you will need to know if your dog likes ice, because if he doesn’t then maybe this tip won’t be such fun for your pet.


Truly Amazing!

Recently seeing a nine week old Rottweiler puppy searching a living room for and indicating the presence of bomb material, seeing a group of pet owners attending a ‘nose work’ class I was assisting, and attending a few seminars and workshops lately on working dogs got me thinking…

Pet dogs, cancer detection dogs, assistance dogs, police dogs, pets as therapy dogs and these are just a few roles that dogs fulfill in society today!

The New Scientist Magazine (UK) wrote some time ago, “Dogs do as well as state-of-the-art screening tests at sniffing out people with lung or breast cancer. The research raises the possibility that trained dogs could detect cancers even earlier and might some day supplement or even replace mammograms and CT scans in the laboratory.”


Dominance is such a pop word ...

Dominance is such a pop word, used by many owners, vets & trainers alike. It feels so right, yet it's very wrong. It is so believable, yet it’s so deceptive. I would like to give you the ability to hear this word and laugh at the mere concept that our beloved pets are trying to take over! I am also hoping to prevent you from labeling any dog as dominant, and then performing a potentially damaging rank reduction program on him, as a solution to this "problem".




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