Attention: Facebooking Pet Pros

Hi all!

Occasionally I get emails from both established and new companies asking for pet professionals (trainers, groomers, rescue professionals, pet sitters, veterinarians and veterinary technicians, etc.) to test new dog training products - including but not limited to:  treats, food, harnesses, collars, toys, backpacks, etc.

While I am generally happy to help these companies out with feedback on a great (or dismal) new product, I would also like to help manufacturers get new products into the hands of pet pros for testings both pre- and post-product launch.

I am sure I am not the only positive training nerd/pet professional who is willing to help these companies develop new products which will directly improve the training and living relationships between dogs and the people who love them. 

If you are on Facebook and would similarly be interested in assisting these manufacturers by testing and giving feedback on new and in-development products for pet owners, you are encouraged to join my newly established Facebook group

If we are not familiar, please introduce yourself in the request to join the group and provide a link to your website or information about your profession as it relates to pets, as this group is not open to non-professional pet parents at this time.

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