Summer Fun with Selina *_*

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Summer Fun
Hi there! :) I'm Adriana Quiroga and this is a video of me and my foster dog Selina. She's a lovely female mixed breed I'm hoping to adopt very soon. She came to me with several behavior problems and a super-high energy a few months ago. Since then, we have worked long and hard to teach her self-control, manners and basic skills. Plus I'm training her for agility, heelwork to music, search and rescue and much more. She's so active she needs different jobs to keep her busy. In the video you can see her showing off some cute little tricks we trained (some of which she had learned on the same day of filming). She's an incredibly sweet, smart and charming character and my friends tell me she always looks like she's smiling!!!! :D I love her to bits!!!! XDXDXD So if you like her little video make sure to post it on Facebook, Twitter, etc. for your friends and family to see ;) Oh, and if you'd like to find out more about us, check us out at: For more cool doggie videos check out our YouTube channel: We've just started, but there are tons of new videos about to be published very soon!!! We offer a unique and natural approach to handling dogs. Private Training, Behavior Consultations (Dog Psychology), Pack Walks (Advanced Dog Walking), Home Boarding, Doggy Day Care and so much more! Selina has earned a place here and is of invaluable help in training and rehabilitating all kinds of dogs in need. She's my little star! :) Hope you have a lovely day and happy dog walking!!!! Smart Dogs, the smart dog choice! ;)

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