A Day Of Ramses The Landseer

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Tristan Caspers
Summer Fun
This contest is sponsored by SIRIUS, puppy & dog training. We hope you like our entry for the newest contest of DogStarDaily, this year the theme was "Summer Fun". The making of was exciting and our dog Ramses was really up for it. He is a Landseer, family of the Newfoundlander. Oh boy he surely loves swimming and going out for bigger activities then just a walk around the park. He hopes to be a dogstar some day! We recommend all the doglovers to take a look at their website: http://www.dogstardaily.com/video-contest Thank you for watching this video, feedback is highly appreciated. Best of regards and have a nice day! MUSIC used in this video: ☆ John Visconti - Picking Notes and Skipping Rope Email: [email protected]

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