Preventing Adolescent Problems

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Dogs & Children - Training the Companion Dog 2 – Behavior Problems

Children can be scary to dogs. Its very important that you take the time to condition your dog to enjoy children and all of the silly things that go with them.

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Walk in the Park

Take your dog to new and interesting places and hand feed them with their dinner or special treats.  Your dog will become much calmer and more confident.

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Take Time on Walks

Walks can be very exciting for dogs.  It’s important to give them time to adjust to new surroundings, with praise and treats as reinforcement.

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Socializing Your Adolescent Dog: Walks & the Park

Socialization is a never ending process, just because you socialized your puppy well doesn't mean you can neglect them when they get older. Take your dog on walk and trips to the park.

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Tennis Tug Toy

If you enforce strict rules with your toys, then they can be valuable tools in training. This is especially true with a tug toy, which can be lots of fun, assuming you maintain control of the play...

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Keep-away With Ball

Any active game like Keep-away should have very strict rules. Your dog should release the toy on command and come when called.


Preventing Adolescent Problems

Always make a point of praising your dog and offering a couple of treats whenever he eliminates in the right place. Keep a treat container by your dog's toilet area. You need to be there anyway to inspect and pick up your dog's feces (before the stool becomes home and dinner for several hundred baby flies). Remember, you want your dog to want to eliminate in his toilet area and to be highly motivated to do so, even when he develops geriatric incontinence.

Similarly, a stuffed Kong a day will continue to keep the behavior doctor away. Your dog still needs some form of occupational therapy to idle away the time when left at home alone. There is no magic potion and there is no drug that will prevent household problems, such as destructive chewing, excessive barking, and hyperactivity, or alleviate boredom, stress, and anxiety as quickly, easily and effectively as stuffing your dog's daily diet of kibble into a few Kongs.


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