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04 Pack Leadership

What does pack leadership mean for pet dog training?  How do you ensure that you are leading your dog, not following them?  What does it mean to be a good leader for your dog?  The Dunbars talk about the many misconceptions about leadership that run rampant in  the dog training world.  As the leader, it’s up to you to set the rules your dog should follow.

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03 Socializing vs. Traumatizing

Is it possible to over-socialize a dog to the point that it becomes traumatic?  In this episode the Dunbars discuss the importance of giving your pup enough time to adjust to new people and situations.  A healthy puppy that was socialized during it’s first few weeks is nearly impossible to overwhelm with socialization.  If your pup is scared or overwhelmed, then they need  remedial socialization, done slowly, carefully and with lots of food treats.

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02 Littermate Syndrome

What happens when you get more than one puppy at the same time? The Dunbars explain what you should expect when you get more than one puppy at once.  Raising a puppy takes a lot of time and energy, regardless of how you go about it.  Raising two puppies at once takes much, much more work.  It might seem more efficient, or easier to socialize and exercise two pups at once, but it rarely works out that way.  Please think long and hard before you adopt one puppy, let alone two!

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01 Puppy Temperament Testing

While a puppy temperament test can provide some insight into a puppy's personality, there serious limitations on their ability to predict how a dog will behave when it grows up.  Far and away, the most important factor in an adult dog's behavior is the training and socialization they received throughout their life.  Any puppy can be trained, regardless of how they perform on a temperament test.



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